Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

I have been searching for an offline installer for Google Chrome browser. ChromeSetup.exe which is the default file provided by Google will download the full installation file upon execution and install chrome on your machine provided you have internet connectivity. But, when you don’t have internet connectivity on a system or wish to install it later on, then you should download offline installer for google chrome. This is what I needed.

It was not that difficult to locate a site with a URL to download the offline installer. Some provide link to download the software from their servers, whilst others point directly to the google site. I personally like to download software from the official site itself if possible. I will be trying out Google Chrome to see how it fares with FF and IE. This is just for my own personal needs.

Note: Google chrome offline installer is free from any spyware, adware and malware.

Download Google Chrome Full Setup Offline Installer from the link given below.

Download Chrome Full Setup

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