How to Check for Outdated Plugins in Firefox

Mozilla started the plugin check program to help users keep their plugins up to date on Firefox. Outdated plugins are a major source of security and stability risk for web users.

The site was originally launched last October and was only set up to check for outdated Firefox plugins. In May of 2010, Mozilla’s director for Firefox development, Johnathan Nightingale, announced that Plug-in Check has been expanded to support Safari, Chrome, and Opera browsers as well. They have also added support for Internet Explorer, but it is limited only for the most popular plugins, since each plugin in IE requires custom code to be written due to a lack of a JavaScript plugin object in IE.

The basic idea is that the page gathers up information about the installed plugins in your Firefox browser, and then check against a plugin directory to get the status of each plugin. By simply visiting the Mozilla Plugin Check service site, users can make sure they have the latest version of a number of plug-ins, such as Adobe’s Flash Player or Java. If a newer version is available, the service will recommend an update. The service is intended to guard against security holes by helping to keep browser plug-ins up to date.

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