Determining the right keywords for optimisation in SEO

A few frequently asked questions are: What keywords should I use? Should I go for volume? Are the keywords low in competition?

It all depends as most influences come from the clients and consumers wants and needs.

Below are some ways to develop list of seeds:

  • Industry trends
  • Existing targets
  • Analytics data
  • Site search logs
  • Webmaster tool data
  • Competitor primary keywords
  • Related sites, social media sites


Where is php.ini located in linux or windows server?

The location of the php.ini file depends on the Linux distribution (windows distribution does not have a major impact) you are using (RHEL, Ubuntu, etc), PHP version and how it has been installed with the Apache web server. Normally the php.ini file are stored in one of the following (but not limited to) locations in a linux machine:

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Check if a process is running and execute a program in Linux using shell script

I always run linux applications manually using the terminal during the development stage. This has helped me immensely as I could see all the messages that were printed on to the linux console. I also had the habit of forgetting to start the Java program once the linux machine reboots. Well how many of you have had that experience? Ohh yes, I forgot to mention that I will be using a compiled java program as an example executable file for this tutorial.

Though this is acceptable for a system that is under development, it is not suitable to run an executable program using a terminal in production environment. So I would go about setting up a cron job to check if the process is running and start it up if it is not, using a shell script. This tutorial will give you an understanding of how to check for a running processes and start the process if not running using a shell script in linux.

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Send Email using PHPMailer and Gmail


I have been using PHPMailer to send emails for some time now. PHPMailer is a fully featured email transfer class for PHP and its popularity has grown rapidly over the years. Recently I had to send e-mail messages using the GMail SMTP server for one of my clients.

Up to now I had only sent email messages using SMTP servers provided by the hosting company. The difference here is that I had to use SSL encryption to send emails. Using hosting company SMTP server has its drawbacks as there is a chance that your website IP address is already on a blacklist simply because someone else had abused the service before you.

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