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Google Chrome 5.0.317.2 Browser Offline Installer Download

Hey guys,

The latest chrome browser, what may be the beginning of what will be released as Google Chrome version 5 is out for windows. Google Chrome v5 now officially supports NoScript-like behavior, where you can stop all javascript from running, except the scripts you authorize. This new version also lets you selectively choose which cookies, images, plug-ins and pop-ups are allowed as well.

With the new release, all Google Chrome users on PCs can access many new features, through their new extension system. Extensions are little programs, created by developers, which add useful functionality to the browser and to the websites you visit. Check out the available extensions here

Another feature that I find useful is Bookmark Sync. Bookmark Sync makes it easy to keep the same set of bookmarks on multiple computers. When you enable sync, your bookmarks will get stored online in your Google Account. Each additional computer on which you enable sync will receive the same bookmarks.

Finally I get to the point of trying to download the offline installer as I like to keep an installation copy just in case I need it later on. I have posted an article here which shows you how to download the offline installer. But there is a problem, the download page is not updated with the latest offline installer. If you check the download you will see that it downloads the old Google Chrome v3 Browser.Seems like Google are not keen on updating the Chrome offline installer download page with the latest browser.

Anyhow I have managed to figure out the link from which you can download the latest v5 Chrome browser.

Please check below `Download Note` to download the v5 offline installer.

Do note that this is not the stable release. The stable release is officially labeled as v4.0.249.78. The following are some of the major features in this release.

  • Extensions
  • Bookmark sync
  • Enhanced developer tools
  • HTML5: Notifications, Web Database, Local Storage, WebSockets, Ruby support
  • v8 performance improvements
  • Skia performance improvements
  • Full ACID3 pass, due to re-enabled remote font support (with added defense against bugs in operating system font libraries)
  • HTTP byte range support
  • New security feature: “Strict Transport Security” support
  • Experimental new anti-reflected-XSS feature called “XSS Auditor”

Happy Browsing !!

Download Note: The chrome 5 version has been updated to 5.0.375.55 and the previous link given is no longer valid. Please Click Here to download the latest Offline version of the Chrome Browser. Thanks `Lloyd` for pointing out the broken link.

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