A Typical Project Selection Process

Programmer to Team Leader:

“We can’t do this proposed project. **CAN NOT**. It will involve a major design change and no one in our team knows the design of this legacy system. And above that, nobody in our company knows the language in which this application has been written. So even if somebody wants to work on it, they can’t. If you ask my personal opinion, the company should never take these type of projects.”

Team Leader to Project Manager :

“This project will involve a design change. Currently, we don’t have any staff that has experience in this type of work. Also, the language is unfamiliar to us, so we will have to arrange for some training if we take this project. In my personal opinion, we are not ready to take on a project
of this nature.”

Project Manager to 1st Level Manager :

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Firefox is the official web browser of IBM

In a blog post released on July 1st Bob Sutor, said out loud that they are officially adding a new piece of software to the list of default common applications they expect IBM employees to use, and that’s the Mozilla Firefox browser.
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Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome

Web Geek's Guide to Google Chrome

MAKE THE MOST OF THE WORLD’S HOTTEST NEW BROWSER, GOOGLE CHROME! Finally, there’s a web browser for today’s Internet, and today’s user: you! It’s Chrome. (From Google—of course!) Now, learn how you can use all of Google Chrome’s built-in power and speed—and extend Chrome to do even more! Jerri Ledford and Yvette Davis start with a quick, practical tour of Google Chrome’s stripped-down, hot-rod interface —including its do-everything, know-everything Omnibox. You’ll be using Chrome like a pro in minutes, but that’s just the beginning. You won’t just learn how to customize Chrome: You’ll dive under the hood, tweak its code, and transform it into the browser of your dreams. Bottom line: If Google Chrome can do it, this book will help you do it smarter, faster, better! Covers all this, and more…

ICANN approves .xxx domain name for the adult entertainment industry

Porn sites may soon be able to tag themselves with a .xxx address now that The ICANN board has voted to allow the application for the controversial .XXX top-level domain (TLD) for the adult entertainment industry to move forward.

ICM Registry, which would manage and sell the new domain name to porn sites, has waged a long struggle to get .xxx accepted by ICANN as a top-level domain, only to get a thumb’s down until now. ICM’s Chairman Stuart Lawley has consistently touted the .xxx domain as a way to segregate and safely filter out adult entertainment sites. However, conservative groups have in the past lobbied Washington and reportedly pressured ICANN to deny the request.

But after acknowledging that its refusal to accept .xxx was “not consistent with the application of neutral, objective, and fair documented policy,” ICANN agreed to review the proposal once again, according to the Associated Press.

Source: CNET

NB: I assume that in due course people would be trying to grab all the WANTED DOMAINS such as sex.xxx