Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome

Web Geek's Guide to Google Chrome

MAKE THE MOST OF THE WORLD’S HOTTEST NEW BROWSER, GOOGLE CHROME! Finally, there’s a web browser for today’s Internet, and today’s user: you! It’s Chrome. (From Google—of course!) Now, learn how you can use all of Google Chrome’s built-in power and speed—and extend Chrome to do even more! Jerri Ledford and Yvette Davis start with a quick, practical tour of Google Chrome’s stripped-down, hot-rod interface —including its do-everything, know-everything Omnibox. You’ll be using Chrome like a pro in minutes, but that’s just the beginning. You won’t just learn how to customize Chrome: You’ll dive under the hood, tweak its code, and transform it into the browser of your dreams. Bottom line: If Google Chrome can do it, this book will help you do it smarter, faster, better! Covers all this, and more…

  • Improving life on the Web: what’s new and different about Chrome, and why you care
  • Getting from Chrome newbie to power user—fast!
  • Browsing more safely in the Web jungle
  • Spit-shining Chrome: making a good-looking browser look spectacular
  • Optimizing your own web site to make the most of Google Chrome
  • Tweaking tabs, and more: customizing Chrome to your heart’s content
  • Saving time with Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting problems with Google Chrome, step-by-step
  • Learning about Chromium (the foundation on which Google Chrome is built) and its components, WebKit, WebKit Core, WebKit Port, and WebKit Glue.


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