Pro Open Source Mail: Building an Enterprise Mail Solution

Pro Open Source Mail: Building an Enterprise Mail Solution

Providing the range of mail-related services expected by organizations can be a confusing, daunting process. Pro Open Source Mail: Building an Enterprise Mail Solution presents a comprehensive guide to managing the most important services, including user administration, mail transfer agents, virus protection, spam and mail filtering, Web-based mail, and mailing list maintenance.

Beginning with installation and configuration of the popular server-based operating system, Fedora Core, the book outlines the system and network preparation process geared towards running an enterprise mail server. Subsequent chapters cover installation and configuration of Sendmail, popular POP3/IMAP servers Qpopper and Dovecot, and various mainstream Open Source software used for virus protection and spam filtering. With a nod to the global mail availability now required by many organizations, this book also guides you through configuration of a Web-based mail interface (more…)

Google released stable version of Chrome for Mac!

Recently google announced the stable release of their browser Chrome for Mac. The latest browser provides not only the stability, performance and polish that every Mac user expects, but also a seamless native Mac application experience that Mac users will feel instantly at home with.

Chrome Evolution - First dev, then beta, now stable!

Chrome Evolution

(First dev, then beta, now stable!)

Here is is a quote from Official google Blog:

Just like its Windows and Linux siblings, the stable version of Chrome for Mac comes with all the goodness of one of our biggest speed improvements to date. We’ve worked to make Chrome for Mac fast, fully-featured and extensible – with access to more than 4,500 extensions in the gallery. Some of Chrome for Mac’s most-requested features are now available, including full-screen mode (just hit Command + Shift + F!), easy and powerful bookmark management, as well as the ability to synchronize not only bookmarks, but also browser preferences across computers.

Those who have already installed the Chrome beta version will get the latest version installed automatically via the auto-update feature.

If you have not installed Chrome on your Mac as yet or don’t want to wait for the auto-update, you can download the stable version of Chrome for Mac.

Is Apple Worth More Than Microsoft?

Apple’s stock market capitalization (AAPL) has not yet quite surpassed Microsoft’s (MSFT), but the value of its actual business is now higher.

Apples business is now worth $200 billion, while Microsoft is only worth $197 billion. If I expanded this a bit more, as of 25th May stock market close, Apple had a market capitalization of $223 billion.  Apple has $23 billion of cash and no debt.  Apple’s enterprise value, therefore, is $200 billion. Microsoft, meanwhile, had a market capitalization of $228 billion.  Microsoft has $37 billion of cash and $6 billion of debt (per Yahoo Finance).  Microsoft’s enterprise value, therefore, is $197 billion.

Well according to this, apple certainly is worth more than Microsoft. A few years back the thought that Apples would come close to being worth as Microsoft would have been unthinkable. The gap between the two companies has closed thanks to an amazing array of products delivered to the market by Apple during the recent years.

One thing to note though, this valuation is based on simple calculation of enterprise value. It should be noted that Apple has an unusual method of accounting for some of its cash on hand. This is further explained on yahoo finance. This indicates that Apple is still behind Microsoft, but for how long?