ICANN approves .xxx domain name for the adult entertainment industry

Porn sites may soon be able to tag themselves with a .xxx address now that The ICANN board has voted to allow the application for the controversial .XXX top-level domain (TLD) for the adult entertainment industry to move forward.

ICM Registry, which would manage and sell the new domain name to porn sites, has waged a long struggle to get .xxx accepted by ICANN as a top-level domain, only to get a thumb’s down until now. ICM’s Chairman Stuart Lawley has consistently touted the .xxx domain as a way to segregate and safely filter out adult entertainment sites. However, conservative groups have in the past lobbied Washington and reportedly pressured ICANN to deny the request.

But after acknowledging that its refusal to accept .xxx was “not consistent with the application of neutral, objective, and fair documented policy,” ICANN agreed to review the proposal once again, according to the Associated Press.

Source: CNET

NB: I assume that in due course people would be trying to grab all the WANTED DOMAINS such as sex.xxx