Opera 10.60 beta – A new Speed Marvel?

Opera 10.60 beta is out for Windows, Linux/FreeBSD and MacOS X. With the latest release Opera is striving to achieve speed supremacy over Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The company says that this release is more than 50% faster for JavaScript than 10.50 (on selected JavaScript tests). So let’s look at the new features available in this latest release …
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Opera Browser 10.53 Fixes Critical Security Vulnerability

The Opera web browser is user-friendly, secure, and fast with the inclusion of opera turbo. The Opera browser uses less memory and less space on your hard drive than before. It is also an extremely versatile web browser that includes a lot of new features such as Visual tabs, pop-up blocking, integrated searches and more advanced features such as e-mail, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat enabling you to be more productive whilst browsing through the web.

I personally disable the E-Mail, News and IM Client as I am using Thunderbird and Google talk. I have mentioned how to disable these features in an earlier post (Click Here). Anyhow I have been using the latest version (10.53) for a little bit of time now and I have to say that the browser is getting better by the day. The latest version fixes a Severe Vulnerability that affected Opera 10.52 for Windows, where it enables hackers to execute malicious code. This latest version also fixes a few other issues including browser freezing on Google Maps. I would advise anyone still using Opera 10.52 to install the 10.53 patch as soon as possible to protect their systems from this vulnerability.

Below is a list of items that implemented in the latest version of the opera web browser

  • Enjoy unprecedented speed with our new Carakan JavaScript engine, Vega graphics library, and Opera Presto 2.5 browser engine.
  • Opera includes industry leading support for Web standards such as HTML 5, SVG and JavaScript.
  • Enhanced platform integration on Windows and Mac means that Opera looks and works better than ever on your operating system.
  • A beautiful, new design looks great on Windows, maximizing your view of the Web and fully utilizing Aero transparency on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Our improved dialogs will not get in your way or interrupt you. You can now switch between different pages without having to clear prompts first.
  • Searching is easier than ever, with Web search integrated right in the address field. You can also find pages from your history and bookmarks, as you type.
  • Displaying pages in the size you want is smoother than ever, with a new zoom slider in the status bar.
  • Rest assured that browsing stays personal with private browsing. Once you close a private tab or window, the data from that session is removed from the browser without a trace.

Click here to download the latest Opera version.

If you wish to install the latest snapshot it is available at the Opera Desktop Team blog.

Happy Browsing

Opera: Stop loading of E-Mail, News and IM Client

Opera 10 maintains the program’s tradition of striving for the fastest, smallest, and most full-featured browser available. Opera 10 unveils an impressive number of new design elements, although some are more pretty than practical.

Opera covers the basics with tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customizable search bar, advanced bookmarking tools, and e-mail and chat clients amongst many more other nifty features.

There are hundreds of Opera reviews available on the web, so this post will not focus on that.

I have been using opera for a long time, though only for browsing. And I must say that it has been a good experience. For a long time I have been looking for a method to disable the mail client and IM client from loading as I never use them. Unfortunately opera does not provide the option to disable them from the interface itself. but after some exhaustive search using google, I came across a forum post Opera-Users mailing list (http://list.opera.com/pipermail/opera-users/2001-April/004059.html) and was I not happy .. 🙂

So below is the method to disable the email, news and IM clients from Opera.

Open the opera.ini (or operaprefs.ini) file and add the below 3 lines under the [user prefs] section.

Show E-mail Client=0
Show News Client=0
Show IM Client=0

Remember to exit opera first before editing the file, or else your changes will be overwritten once the browser is closed. Once the lines have been edited, save it and open Opera. Click on tools and you will see the option `Mail and Chat Accounts` has been disabled.

Happy Browsing .. !