Xmarks syncing service to be Discontinued

Xmarks, the bookmark syncing service formerly known as Foxmarks, announced on the 27th of September that it will be shutting down the free bookmark synchronization service and will be deleting its users’ data on January 10, 2011. This was announced by Todd Agulnick (Co-Founder and CTO). The free, cross-browser syncing service couldn’t find a viable business model that support the free bookmark service and enable it to remain afloat. With money running tight and options fading, they have been looking for potential buyers for the past few months, but unfortunately they were unable to find one.

Xmarks currently has a 2 million user base across 5 million desktops with over 1.2 billion bookmarks synced. One of the main reasons that the company had found it hard to find a money-making solution is because each of the major browsers are now offering competent bookmark sync features built in to the browser (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). This makes it hard for them to promote the Xmarks sync service as a freemium.

The following page has listed out all the necessary information on removing your information from the Xmarks sync service and also information on possible alternative sync services. I have been using Xmarks for quite sometime now and am going to miss it.

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