Problem with Add/Remove Program (Package Manager) – CentOS

Have you come across the following error when trying to open the Package Manager on CentOS “Another application is currently running which is accessing software information” whilst all other programs work flawlessly? Recently I came across this problem and had to spend some time searching for a possible solution and below are my findings.

This type of error can happen when a service related to yum is running in the background (see if they exist in “/etc/init.d” or “chkconfig –list | grep yum”). If the yum programs are running then stop them and try to open the Package Manager.

If this does not solve the problem check if a program by the name of yum-updatesd or yum-updatesd-helper is running in the background.

ps  aux | grep yum

If such a program is running kill this program (using the kill command) and try again.

By now your problem should be solved.

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