Firefox 3.6.6 fixes crash protection issue

Firefox 3.6.6 has been released to fix the issues that most people were experiencing with the plugin-container or crash protection feature introduced in the 3.6.4 release recently as mentioned here. This latest release modifies the crash protection feature to increase the amount of time that plugins are allowed to be non-responsive before being terminated (Bug 574905).

What is plugin-container

In Firefox 3.6.4 and above, some plugins are loaded separately from Firefox in `plugin-container.exe`, allowing the main Firefox process (firefox.exe) to stay open even if a plugin crashes.

Which plugins are supported by plugin-container.exe?

For more information about plugins, see Using plugins with Firefox.

Update: A new version has been released which fixes several critical bugs that were present in version 3.6.6. All users are advised to update their browser to the latest version. Click here to read more about the update

Is Firefox Losing Foothold on Linux?

Firefox has been the default browser on Ubuntu for a long time. But now it looks like Firefox may not be included as the default browser on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10. Ubuntu Netbook Edition has been optimized for smaller screens enabling it to work better on netbooks with the Intel Atom computer processor.

The change has not been finalized yet but Chrome seems like a good choice for netbooks since it has a minimal design which takes up less space than any of the other browsers. It is also very fast.

Firefox 3.5 Tab Mix Plus Add On

Finally firefox 3.5 has been released on June 30th, the next major version of its popular open source Web browser. I will not be discussing the features available in the new browser as many forums have already done this. I have just installed the browser (over my existing 3.0.x version)  and came across an inconvenience which is mentioned below.

Tab Mix Plus Not working

This Add-on is very important for me and was disappointed a bit. So I checked the forums and installed latest dev build. Unfortunately this didn’t work at all. I went back to the forms to see if I could find some solution for this. There were many people saying that this build did not work. One member had suggested to uninstall the old version first and do a fresh installation. So I took a backup of the profiles directory and completely uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the new version.

Once installed I then downloaded and installed the latest Build . Now I needed to restore my old tab mix settings. Below are the steps I followed

  • Open the `profiles` directory in …\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
  • Open the backed up profiles directory
  • copy `sessionbackups` directory to your profile directory
  • copy session.rdf file to your profile directory

This is all that’s needed to get tabmix plus up and running .. 🙂

I had my passwords synced using xmarks, so all I had to do was install the add-on and re-sync the data back to my local machine.

It is unfortunate that I had to do a fresh installation to get tab mix working, but I feel that it is worth it .. and hope this helps anyone who is facing the same problem as I did .. 🙂

Cheers !